Canada Builds

Building Classification

Refer to OBC Section 3.2.2. and answer the following questions based on the information provided. Although minimal, the information shown on the drawings is enough to answer the questions that are raised. Where a street is indicated, assume it is a street and ‘access route’ that meets code.

Example 1

Figure 1                Four Storey Mixed Use Building

Consider the building above and answer the following questions.

  1. What are the most appropriate construction classification articles ( based on the occupancies indicated.
    The building is sprinklered.

    Group E          __________________________
    Group D          __________________________
    Group C          __________________________

    What fire resistance rating is required for the floor assemblies?

    Second Floor Rating    ___________________
    Third Floor Rating       ___________________
    Fourth Floor Rating     ___________________
    Roof Rating                ___________________

Example 2

Figure  2                3 Storey Industrial Building

Review the building shown in Figure 2 and answer the following questions. Provide OBC references with answers

  1. What is the appropriate construction classification? _____________________________
  2. Is the building permitted to be constructed of combustible construction? _____________________________
  3. Is non-combustible construction permitted?   _____________________________
  4. What fire resistance rating is required for the floor assemblies?  _____________________________
  5. Is a fire resistance rating required for the roof? If so, what duration of rating is required?   _____________________________